Emergence: Coming into Bloom, A Journey of Renewal and Regeneration with Dawn Thompson and Lisa Kagan

Friday, March 13th through Sunday March 15th, 2020.

Nature honors the phases of shedding, dormancy, and new life with constancy and grace. The caterpillar’s journey of metamorphosis into the radiant butterfly. The seed’s pilgrimage from the hidden darkness of earth to the light-filled certainty of blossom. We too are part of nature, constantly transforming and re-emerging anew. Through writing and art making, utilizing painting, drawing, collage, and printmaking with natural materials from the magnificent Oregon forest, you’ll have the chance to honor your own process of emergence on the cusp of spring. This soulful and inspiring weekend in the beauty of the natural world also offers you a chance to deeply nourish yourself with delicious meals, a quiet, beautiful retreat setting and the supportive, uplifting company of other women. No previous art or writing experience necessary.

This retreat offers space for creative expression for women of all ages and backgrounds. Due to the limited number of participants we can accommodate, early registration is recommended. 

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The retreat fee covers two nights' lodging in a single occupancy in our hotel-style sleeping rooms that includes a private bathroom and all linens provided. A professional chef specializes in using fresh, local produce to create meals that are truly culinary works of art. This cost also includes the program fee for Dawn Thompson and Lisa Kagan as well as all art materials.

There are only 5 available
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