2020 Silent Retreat: Journey Within

Completing this registration form on this secure web site sets you on your path to participate in Silent Retreat: Journey Within, a 5-day silent mindfulness meditation retreat led by Surja Tjahaja at Alton L Collins Retreat Center (April 5 – 10, 2020).

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Choose double or single occupancy. The fee covers five nights' lodging, 15 meals, and all program costs.  

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We strive to meet all dietary needs of our guests as part of our ministry of hospitality. Our food is cooked from scratch, using whole food ingredients featuring whole grains and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. We serve family style--there is no buffet line or cafeteria option. We are happy to accommodate your specific needs, but we need you to let us know in advance how we can best serve you.

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You may contact our office (503-637-6411) to discuss emergency medical treatment possibilities. 

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Indicate below if there is anything else we need to know in order to prepare for your arrival--for instance, you are bringing a nursing infant, or you use a wheelchair, or you need to bring medical equipment with you. It is easier for us to accommodate your needs if we know in advance. Thank you!

Financial Assistance

A limited amount of financial assistance is available for this retreat. If you would like to be considered, please submit a letter regarding your need to Surja at surja@gmail.com.

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